Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 Schedule Launch

2010 Class and Program Schedule

Check it out on our webpage http://sticksandstoneswildernessschool.com/Full_schedule/

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived, as we unveil the many events scheduled for the Bright New Year!

Be sure to check out the NEW programs.

Traditional Hide-Tanning - March 25-28

Traditional Drum-Building - April 9-11

Empowering Ancient Ways - April 25- May 1

Kimbercote Stewardship Project - May 7-9

Traditional Bowmaking (at Lee Valley) - May 13 and 29

Traditional Bowmaking (at Sticks & Stones Workshop) - May 21-24

Arrow Workshop (at Lee Valley) - June 19

Wilderness Skills Intensive - June 11-13

Wildlife Tracking - June 24-27

*NEW!* Flint Knapping - July 8-11

Traditional Bowmaking (at Sticks & Stones Workshop) - July 28- Aug 2

Wilderness Skills Intensive (at the P.I.N.E. Project) - August 13-15

Empowering Ancient Ways - September 5-11

Traditional Bowmaking (at Sticks & Stones Workshop) - October 14-17

*NEW!* Cordage, Fibre & Containers - October 23-24

*NEW!* Ten-Day Survival Quest - October 29 - November 7

Traditional Hide Tanning - November 11-14

The Way of the Hunt - November 28 - December 4

*NEW!* Using the Whole Animal - December 10-12

Winter Wildlife Tracking - December 16-19

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sticks and Stones Wilderness School

Sticks and Stones Wilderness School

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Preserving the Ways of the Wild

Welcome to the cooler weather of Autumn, this is our favorite time of the year and because we will be spending so much time out of doors over the next few months. We have taken the opportunity to update and switch around nearly everything on our website, and have even changed our email addresses to accommodate the growth of the school and make communications with you smooth and sound.

You will find that the old URL www.sticksandstoneswildernessschool.com still works though we are slowly shifting to www.wildernessschool.ca for many reasons; mainly because it is a Canadian site, and the URL is shorter.

Our email addresses have changed as well.



Changing to:

Main-General accounts



Specific accounts

Program Director:


Communications Director:


IT/Marketing Director:


You may still receive emails from some of the older accounts for a few weeks still, but if you are trying to contact us it would be preferable to use one of the green labeled accounts.

We also have a new mailing address:

Sticks and Stones Wilderness School

75 First Street, Suite # 248

Orangeville ON

L9W 5B6

….We look forward to making tracks with you soon….