Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Website

Sticks and Stones Wilderness School website has moved

Here you will find everything you need to know about the school, who we are, the skills we teach and what we offer the community and why.

Dont forgat to sign up for the email list and or the newsletter.

Please check it out and pass the smoke signal on, the skills have come back to Ontario once again.

Thanks and have a great snowy season.

Skeet Sutherland
Sticks and Stones Wilderness School


Anonymous said...

hey there pal just thought i'd check and see how the site is coming along. its looking good but im still to see any of those bow course and tanning course pictures on there. anyway ill be over soon to scrap some more of that bow down, she's starting to look pretty sexy, cant wait for turkey season!!

Rod Sutherland said...

Your web site is looking great son, Im so very proud of you , keep following your dream, Your dedication and hard work are all stepping stones to you becoming a better teacher every day. Remember you are on a journey,there will be growth every day , If we are not learning a bit each day ,we stop growing spiritually.