Monday, November 1, 2010

Chilly Hunting

The temperature has dropped and camp routine has changed again. For the first day this season snow has fallen and stayed on the ground. Skeet and the interns experienced this chill up north, a couple weeks back, while hunting moose. The frost has followed them home and so too has the desire to be out in the woods to stalk and, with a heart of gratitude, harvest a deer. Sitting in trees and bushes waiting to see them would also be enough.

Deer blinds were set up before the trip so that when everyone was gone the
deer, which likely moved from the area during the disturbance, would come back with the quiet. Upon returning, fresh scat, tracks and buck sightings in that area indicate that it was a wise choice. A few more days spent on last minute preparations and the interns will be out with Skeet for early morning and dusk sits (out in the woods). Precision is so important during the hunt and the seriousness with which the interns are taking this opportunity can be seen in the number of bull’s eyes that are being hit during target practice.

Internships for this year finish up here at Sticks and Stones at end of November. It’s the final stretch of a very educational term and the interns are still going strong! It’s the kind of month that would be celebrated well with a feast. Hopefully and thankfully with venison.
Above Picture: Intern Mike making arrows

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