Friday, November 19, 2010

Natural Fibers and Us

Before winter set in, the community of Sticks and Stones was blessed with a balmy week of clear skies and sunshine. It couldn't have come at a better time as the Hide Tanning Class was in full swing. Students and interns squatted and bent over deer hides as they learned to dry and wet scrape, the former of which was a labour of love shared by all. There's nothing like working hides in a tee shirt and bare feet. Thank you sunshine!

The past few days we held the Cordage, Fiber and Traditional Containers class which was quite the success. Using all sorts of natural fibers we learned about and made baskets, cordage, berry pouches, knife sheathes, bowls and more! This was done around the wood stove as the chillier weather returned. It was quite the social event. The newly installed hay door kept the heat in the barn and the Westerly wind out.
Both activities brought out the best in the community. There is something naturally bonding about working both animal and plant fibers... almost as if by doing it as a group, you end up woven together like the fibers you with craft.

Thank you to everyone for coming out to keep our hands and hearts all busy, together.

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